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Wellbeing Solutions for the iGaming Industry

Live, Feel & Perform Better



No diets or food restrictions. Simple habits that help you eat better on auto-pilot.


Fitness isn't about cardio or living in the gym. Build habits to move just a little more every day.


Learn to  fall asleep quickly, sleep well & sleep enough so you wake up full of energy every day.

Stress Mgmt.

Habits to help you deal with stress effectively so your brain isn't fried at night.

Time Mgmt.

Find and protect time so you can do what matters to you in your personal & professional life.

Workplace Wellbeing Can't Be A Tickbox Exercise

Helping your employees live, feel and perform better is key to organisational success. It boosts retention, increases productivity, reduces staff turnover, increases job satisfaction and makes you stand out in your industry.

Because in most organisations, wellbeing is simply a tickbox exercise. A bowl of fruit, free hearing tests, a massage, a few workshops and maybe a gym membership. 

Nice. But unfortunately, they do not create meaningful change for the majority of your people.

Your Teams Want You To Do Better

I know what it's like...

As a marketing director in a high-pressure career, my health suffered. And so did my performance.

Until I discovered how to rewire my habits.

Leo is a wellbeing & high-performance coach, who specialises in stress management, nutrition & fitness.

Leo is a wellbeing & high-performance coach. He's certified as a nutritionist, personal trainer, sleep coach, stress management specialist and expert in behaviour change psychology.

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Here's How We Can Help


These fast-paced workshops will give your team quick & actionable steps to implement straight away. Delivered in-person as a lunch & learn session or online as interactive training.


These 21-day programmes turn knowledge into implementation so it creates a real impact. Helping your teams integrate a specific well-being topic into their personal lives.


Private 1to1 coaching to help employees with stress management, performance and overall health so they can create a greater impact in their personal & professional lives.