The White-Label Wellbeing App. Designed For iGaming.

Boost participation and get measurable results with your own fully-branded health-challenge app.

Holistic Wellbeing
Boost Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing & Workplace Performance, one habit at a time

Personalised Interactions
Help employees stay on track and reach your goals, no matter how crazy life gets

Branded As Your Own
A turnkey white-label solution that can be instantly deployed in your organisation

Customised for your organization and your people.


Drive Engagement with CRM Capabilities

Measure Impact with Data-Driven Insights

Get Results with Proven Methodologies


Struggling to find a wellbeing solution that...

Engages your entire organisation, no matter where they are?

Delivers measurable results in employee health and performance?

Provides the data and insights to demonstrate ROI and get buy-in?

We get it. It's frustrating. Here's how you solve it for good.

Introducing HabitRewire

Engaging Wellbeing Challenges Every Week. Delivered Through A Fully-Branded Wellbeing App.

Built for Maximum Participation

Leverage behavioural data for personalised interactions to keep people engaged and on-track.

Designed for Measurable Results

Expert-led content covering nutrition, activity, sleep, resilience & workplace performance

Equipped with Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights, demonstrate ROI, and get the buy-in you need.

Developed by Someone Who Understands


As a former iGaming director, Leo experienced firsthand the impact the industry can have on health and performance.

After successfully losing 35kg, he recognised the lack of solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the iGaming sector.

Inspired to solve this problem, Leo used his years of CRM, platform development and gaming experience to design HabitRewire. A holistic wellbeing platform designed for engagement, insights and measurable results.

The Worlds' Biggest iGaming Brands Have Participated In Our Wellbeing Challenges

What Our Clients Say

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"Thank you Leo for your engaging workshops - you make a huge difference to people's lives!"

Nadine Reyes
HR Business Partner

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"I can't recommend Leo enough - some mind-blowing theories which actually work!"

Zoe Trinidad
Head of People Engagement


"This is amazing! My utmost thank you and appreciation for all that you do, Leo! I encourage everyone struggling with weight loss, with keeping a balance in life, with getting in the right mindset to work with Leo."

Lavinia Popovici
Lead BI Product Manager


"5 stars! I am happy I had the opportunity to join this challenge. The way Leo presented the information was catching. He changed one important thought in my mind - "all or nothing". but it's true that small steps make it happen. Thanks a lot LEO"

Nicole Preuss
Affiliate Marketing Manager


"You can still have a steady life without needing a constant, never-ending diet and still be fit and healthy. Just by changing and keeping to a few good habits. If you get a chance or work in HR or Wellbeing it's worth talking to Leo and engaging your teams"

Mike Bowers
Head of Facilities

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How it works

3 Simple Steps To Get Started

Gain Insights In Your Employees' Health

Run our to identify the areas where your employees need support the most.

Customise Your Wellbeing

Get a fully customised wellbeing roadmap that directly aligns with your business.

Launch Your Wellbeing Platform

Release your own wellbeing app, filled with expert content fully tailored to your employees.

An Overview Of Everything You Get

Your Own Fully-Branded and Ready-to-Deploy Wellbeing App: Integrates your brand into a user-friendly interface.

Expert-Led Weekly Health Challenges: Covers Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Resilience, and Performance for holistic wellbeing.

Schedule Coaching Sessions: Connects employees with certified nutritionists, personal trainers, sleep coaches, stress management experts, and behaviour change specialists.

Custom Habit-Challenge Roadmap: Tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organisation.

Science-Backed Behaviour Change Method: Utilises our unique 'Habit Rewiring' approach for sustainable health improvements.

Daily Check-Ins and Accountability Measures: Ensures maximum employee engagement and consistency in habit development.

Community and Engagement Features: Incorporates leaderboards, rewards, progress tracking, and community chats for mutual encouragement and competition.

Personalised Employee Dashboard: Provides training advice, nutrition tips, recovery strategies, and options to schedule coaching calls.

Personalised Interactions: Uses Behavioural Data, Customer Segmentation, and Automated Lifecycle Campaigns for tailored employee wellbeing journeys.

Integration with Wearables and Services: Allows real-time progress tracking and data syncing with wearables and health services such as Apple Health.

Driven by CRM Capabilities: Reflects unique insights from our rich experience in the iGaming industry and CRM expertise.

Reporting and Insights: Delivers monthly impact reports and weekly management reports, providing data-driven insights into performance, ROI, and workplace environment improvements.

Discover What Your Own Wellbeing App Can Do for You

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